Frequently asked questions


For clubs and coaches:

For sport participants:


  • I’ve heard a lot about Prowd but what does it actually do?
  • Prowd is a mobile and website based platform for sports clubs and their members. We reward and engage sports players by giving clubs the ability to issue digital badges that verify their achievement(s). In doing so, sport participants can show and share their badges to prove their ID / Level and achievements, bringing their sporting accomplishments to life in their Virtual and Social environment.

  • What are digital badges?
  • A digital badge is an award that can be distributed online allowing you to share and verify all your sporting achievements with friends and contacts.

  • What is the difference between a level and a badge
  • Your level shows what standard you are at in that particular sport. For example it may be what league and team you play in, your PB, your performance record or your belt grading in a martial art. You then get awarded Badges within that level to show specific performance achievements, for example you may get “player of the season” (badge) for your clubs 1st team (level).

  • What does the Prowd App do?
  • We recognise that sport participants feel most “prowd” of their achievements immediately after playing. The Prowd app allows you to do everything on the move including the ability to attach your newly awarded badge to a photo and instantly sharing your badge with your friends and associates.

  • How much does it cost?
  • Prowd is currently free for all clubs, coaches and sport participants. Just go ahead and enjoy showing your friends exactly what you’ve achieved.

  • Why isn’t my sport listed?
  • If your sport isn’t listed please let us know at and we will sort this for you immediately.

  • Can I be in more than one club?
  • Yes, you can be in multiple clubs providing you are a registered member of those clubs.

For clubs and coaches:

  • What does Prowd do for sports clubs?
  • Prowd provides club owners with a platform that diminishes their admin, engages and rewards its members (through digital badges) and in doing so encourages them to share their achievement and promote your club in the social world.

  • How do i transfer my database of members?
  • Transfer your current database into our spreadsheet and off you go. Simple as that! Alternatively you can easily add individual members one by one.

  • What information do i need on my members?
  • Their name and email address is all that is required.

  • How do i notify my members they can now be awarded badges for their achievements?
  • When you add a member to the Prowd system they will get an email from Prowd notifying them they have been invited to the system. You can also send a group email to all or some of your members through the Prowd platform or notify them through your own letter / email system.

  • Can I do group emails?
  • Yes, you can email everyone and anyone within your membership group. You can also choose to email groups of members devised through their levels. E.g you can choose to email just the 1st team or just the white belts within your club.

  • How many members can I have?
  • Unlimited. We invite all your members to be part of the Prowd platform.

  • Can I have more than one club?
  • Yes. All of the clubs you manage can register to be part of the Prowd platform.

  • How does the automated attendance work?
  • Each member automatically gets a QR code when they are registered which can be scanned upon attendance. This information is then stored on your (and their) database allowing both of the parties to monitor their attendances over the duration of their membership.

  • Is the membership list open for the public to view?
  • No, your membership list can only be viewed by appointed admins at your discretion within your club.

  • Can I create my own badges?
  • Currently we present each sport with a set of badges however a premium service will be coming soon allowing clubs to create their own specific badges.

  • How do I award a badge?
  • You can very easily award a badge on your profile at Go to your members page, click on the member you want to award a badge to and you will see “award badge” clearly visible.

  • If a member leaves what happens?
  • If a member leaves, just can suspend their account and they won't be able to participate in your club activities on Prowd platform. If a member rejoins your club, just unsuspend their account and the system will keep their old badges, levels and attendance history.

  • I have heard that some clubs get discounts at retailers with their badges, how does this work?
  • Some clubs have agreed deals with local retailers enabling their members to receive beneficial deals when they receive certain noteworthy badges. Please contact to discuss this with us further.

  • Can somebody just copy the badge and add it to FB?
  • All badges are verified by Prowd so whilst anyone can add their own badge to facebook, if it comes from Prowd you know its authentic coming from a professional, independent source. All Prowd badges are in a recognizable, hexagonal shape.

  • How do i get started?
  • Very easily, fill out the simple Prowd sign-up form and copy and paste your members onto our system. It will take you no time at all!

  • What badges do i get for my sport?
  • Each sport is provided with a specific set of badges. If you wish to add badges then please contact us at

  • How do i become an approved club?
  • Once you fill out our sign-up form Prowd will approve your registration straight away providing we have the necessary information.

For sports participants:

  • What does Prowd do for sport participants?
  • Prowd gives you a mobile platform to track and share your sporting achievements whilst allowing you to easily interact and keep up to date with your club, its events and other members.

  • What do i do with my badge?
  • Your badge verifies your sporting achievement, some of these badges will bring you discounts at retail stores, privileges on online social networks / games, and many more benefits. You can decide if you want to share the badge with your friends to show them what you’ve achieved or let it sit in your Prowd wallet as a collection of sporting memories for you.

  • How do i get a badge?
  • You will get an email notification when you are awarded a badge by your club when you achieve something in your sport. This might be man of the match, a new personal best, top goalscorer, a new belt, or anything else to do with your sport.

  • How many badges can i collect?
  • You can collect unlimited badges in unlimited sports. Whatever sport you participate in you can achieve badges in.

  • What if i am a member of a sports club that isn’t registered with Prowd?
  • Please let us know by email and we will get in touch with your club and let them know you want them to join Prowd!

  • My club is registered with Prowd, what do i need to do to be a Prowd user?
  • Your club should have added you as part of their club. If they haven’t please mention it to your club and they can easily fix this to allow you to enjoy the platform.